FAQs airberlin business points®

1.  What is the airberlin business points program?

The airberlin business points program is the free bonus program for small and medium-sized companies, offices, consulting companies and public corporations. Points are credited for every business flight using airberlin or NIKI within the business points route network (see Item 3), which can be redeemed as award flights.

2. What are the prerequisites for participating in the business points program?

Your company does not enjoy any contractually agreed airberlin rates (Corporate Net Fares) and has at least three full-time employees who fly on a regular basis. In addition, at least ten flights (one-way) are booked per year with airberlin or NIKI. One-time free registration is required to participate in the program.

3. What routes is the business points program valid for?

The program is valid within the airberlin and NIKI route network, with the exception of primary tourism destinations. You can find the detailed route network map here »

4. How are the points collected when making bookings via airberlin.com?

You will receive a business points customer number and PIN once you are connected to the program. Just enter this number every time you make a booking for a business flight (booking step 3).  

5. How are the points collected when making bookings at the travel agent?

Please inform your travel agent of your customer number, so that this can be filed in the reservation system when tickets are being prepared. More information »

6. How are flights recorded after the fact?

In the event that a flight may not have been automatically recorded or if you did not have your customer number available, you can record the flight using our Online Form here » after the fact.

7. How are the points redeemed?

Your collected points can be redeemed for award flights on all the routes within the business points route network. The flight booking can be made at any time online via your customer account. 

8. For how long are the collected points valid?

Acquired business points can be redeemed against award flights for a period of 36 months after the flight date.

[toggle-image]9. Why do I require the customer number and PIN?

The customer number and PIN must be entered when booking any flight at airberlin.com in order that the flights are automatically recorded and the points can be credited (booking step 3).  

10. Why do I require the username and password?

You require the username (= stored email address) and the password in order to log into the customer account.

[toggle-image]11. Is it possible to continue collecting topbonus miles?

Yes! Your company can acquire points in the business points program, while the employee receives topbonus miles for the flight. Please remember to mention the business points customer number and the employee’s individual topbonus card number when booking the flight.

12. How does it differ from the topbonus frequent flier program?

The participant in the business points program is your company. Points for the business flights of your staff will be credited to a joint account, which can then be redeemed into award flights. With the topbonus card, every employee can individually collect miles for award flights and status advantages.

13. Is there a card for the business points program?

No, the program is strictly an online bonus program.

14. How do I update myself about the current point status?

You can look at the up-to-date point status at anytime in your customer account.

15. Can award flights be booked at very short notice?

Award flights can be booked up to 3 hours before departure, depending on availability, and can be rescheduled once at no charge.