Long waiting times for security checks at Dusseldorf Airport

Waiting times for security checks at Düsseldorf airport currently take up to 60 minutes. airberlin kindly asks their passengers to take this into account when planning their travels. Security checks lie in the responsibility of the federal police and falls outside the influence of the airlines. In order to maintain a stable flight operation it is unfortunately mostly not possible to wait for passengers who arrive late for boarding of their flight. We regret the inconvenience for our passengers.

Status: 14. September 2017

Questions and answers about the current situation at airberlin

   My long-haul flight has been cancelled. What happens now?
All airberlin passengers will be informed of the status of their booking. This will be in the form of either a cancellation confirmation or a rebooking confirmation. Passengers for the affected flights will be rebooked on alternative flights wherever possible. Whether or not your flight can be rebooked will depend on the availability of alternatives.

For passengers who booked their plane ticket directly with airberlin, the following applies: for tickets purchased after the insolvency filing on 15 August 2017, we will reimburse the purchase price free of charge. Passengers affected may submit any additional costs incurred via the website www.airberlin.com/complaint. Tickets that were booked before the insolvency filing cannot currently be reimbursed due to insolvency regulations.

   What long-haul flights will airberlin continue to operate and for how long?
airberlin will not operate to the Caribbean from Dusseldorf from 25 September 2017. This means that from that date, flights to Curaçao (the Netherlands Antilles), Cancun (Mexico), Havana and Varadero (Cuba) as well as Punta Cana and Puerto Plata (Dominican Republic) will be cancelled.

The connections between Berlin and Abu Dhabi, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco, as well as from Dusseldorf to Boston and Orlando will also be cancelled from 25 September 2017. airberlin regrets the inconvenience caused by these cancellations.

•    Will the flight operation be continued by airberlin / NIKI?

Yes, the flight operations will continue. The published airberlin / NIKI schedule is valid. airberlin and NIKI will carry out the flights as published. Should changes be necessary, e.g. for operational reasons, we will inform accordingly.

•    Is NIKI also insolvent?
No, as per August 15th 2017 NIKI is not affected by the insolvency. It is not intended for NIKI to file for insolvency. The flight operations will continue as planned.

•    Does airberlin have a future?
The negotiations with potential partners have been initiated and are intended to be completed shortly.
airberlin is currently focusing to achieve a best possible plan for the company, our clients and our employees.

•    Do airberlin and NIKI still accept new bookings?
Yes, airberlin and NIKI flights are bookable through our distribution channels. All fares are still valid. All sales channels remain open.
Payments for flights operating after November 1st 2017 will be secured by a trustee. In case these flights are not operating against expectations, affected guests will receive a ticket refund. This only applies for bookings from August 15th 2017 onwards.

•    How long in advance can I book flights?
The entire schedule published by airberlin and NIKI can be booked.

•    Do the airberlin / NIKI product and services remain the same?
Yes, the existing services and products remain the same.

•    Is my voucher still valid and if yes until when?
Vouchers cannot be redeemed anymore. Due to insolvency regulations the utilization of vouchers had to be terminated.
Affected guests have the opportunity to file the claim for the insolvency schedule after the opening of the insolvency proceedings. We will advise about the formal proceedings at a later stage separately. Tickets that have already been booked against vouchers remain valid.

•    Can I pay out my voucher for cash?
No, see above.

•    Do tickets remain valid?
Yes, all issued tickets are valid.

•    Will already issued tickets be reimbursed?
All tickets issued until August 15th 2017 are no longer refundable. Tickets val-id from August 15th 2017 will be subject to the applicable tariff conditions.

•    Can I refund applicable fees and taxes?
No, taxes and fees collected before August 15th cannot be refunded by insol-vency regulations. Affected passengers have the opportunity to file the claim for the insolvency schedule after the opening of the insolvency proceedings.

•    Can tickets be rebooked?
The tariff conditions, valid at the time of ticket issuance, still apply. Any issued ticket may be rebooked on the basis of the applicable tariff conditions, provid-ed these allow changes. Any applicable fees must be paid by the client.

•    Do I still receive regulations for my claim for damages / compensations, e.g. for delays or flight cancelations?
For departures before the filing for insolvency unfortunately no compensations will currently be paid, due to effective insolvency regulations. Affected passengers have the opportunity to file the claim for the insolvency schedule after the opening of the insolvency proceedings. In this case affected passengers automatically receive an official form with further information. For departures after the filing for insolvency please refer to our online claim form provided by our Guest Relations Team using the following link: www.airberlin.com/complaint. Our Guest Relations Team will handle your request and will contact you directly. We kindly ask for your understanding that due to the current situation the processing time might take longer.

    I booked a package-tour for 2018 and my flights are with airberlin. Will this tour still take place?
The flight operations continue. Please refer to your tour operator, if you have any further questions.